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Stink Lock Natural Bathroom Spray (3 Pack), Essential Oil Toilet Spray, Before You Go Deodorizer, Best Value Air Freshener Poop Spray, Perfect for Travel!

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  • Stink Lock is a proactive solution that keeps nasty smells in your toilet bowl. It consists of a mix of Natural Essential Oils and is proven to neutralize odor at the source to keep the bathroom smelling better than before you used it. Subah(Morning), Dopahar (Afternoon) and Shaam (Evening) will be your companion in the place where even the King goes alone. While you sit on the throne, planning your day or musing over the day’s happenings, this will relax you.
  • Premium Fragrance: We know you have had enough of the usual artificial smell. Stink Lock contains exotic Natural Fragrances which were once exclusive to the Nizams and are notoriously known for creating and winning wars. In this fast-paced world, a foul smelling bathroom should be the least of your worries. Stink Lock is here to not only solve the issue, but make your bathroom experience a pleasurable one.
  • Subah(Morning): Your stomach knows what you ate last night. And for those testing times we have a blend of Lemon, Bergamot and Lemongrass.
  • Dopahar (Afternoon): We know you want to relive yourself in office. For those moments we have a concoction of Vanilla, Lavender and Citronella.
  • Shaam (Evening): You need something relaxing before you go to bed. And therefore we save the best for the last. Wind up your day by experiencing the exquisite Shalimar.
  • Shake well and Spray 4-6 times directly onto toilet bowl BEFORE use. Stink Lock creates a layer on the water surface that traps nasty smells in your bowl. Infused with Essential oils, Stink Lock neutralizes odors at the source and releases a fresh fragrance.
  • 1 bottle has around 300 sprays. And we give you 3 different fragrance bottles, not 1! Our discounted 3-pack means you can grab the best bathroom spray at a sensible price. So you get a total of around 900 sprays for this awesome price.


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