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Giving Back-Thalassemia kids

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Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder wherein the individuals suffering from Thalasemmia do not produce blood. They depend on blood transfusions throughout their life. With proper care and treatment the patients can live a near normal life.

However, most individuals suffering from thalassemia die before celebrating their 18th birthday. There are 60,000 individuals with thalassemia major in India and 10,000 new births each year. Cost on management of thalassemia in private setup is estimated upwards from Rs 1,00,000/- per year in India. Because of high costs of management, inadequate care and management, lack of focus on treatment and incidence based treatment these children lose the battle against the disease at an early age.

Sankalp Program for Thalassemia Cure offers end to end management of thalassemia to each child in need.


Sankalp Program for Thalassemia Cure offers Bone Marrow Transplant - the permanent curative option to the children suffering from Thalassemia.


As an organization when we started creating products which will make a difference in an individual's life, we are trying to extend our reach to those in need. When you buy Mommy Cuddle, 2% of the amount that you pay to us goes directly to Sankalp for Thalasemmia management. If you want to know more about what Sankalp, please visit their website here. You are welcome to discuss more with us and evaluate how as a new parent you are also making a diference in someone's life who needs your help desperately. 
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