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Q: How do I know which size to order?

A: Please refer our sizing guide here and make sure to follow the guideline as is and order your Mommy Cuddle. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us

Q: How do I exchange/return Mommy Cuddle?

A:For information about exchanges and returns please visit this page

Q: What’s the weight limit for the pouch? How long can I use Mommy Cuddle? 

A:Mommy Cuddle can be used for babies weighing upto 7 Kgs. It also acts as a nursing bra so you can use your Mommy Cuddle till the time you are breast feeding. Mommy Cuddle is a fashionable top and you can use it use it conveniently for feeding your baby without the need to wear a nursing bra. 

Q: Can we keep both hands free while using Mommy Cuddle?

A:Even though Mommy Cuddle is strong enough to hold your baby, we recommend keeping one hand always on the baby. This also gives comfort to the baby while he/she is sleeping :)

Q: Can the baby be facing forward or sidewards?

A:While using Mommy Cuddle, your baby should be facing you. Your and your baby's tummy should be touching together 💓. The below image will make it more clear.

mommy cuddle baby carrier positions

Q: How to nurse while using Mommy Cuddle?

A:You should remove your baby from the pouch before nursing. Mommy Cuddle has in built double layered bra and it is very easy to remove it sidewards and feed the baby. The below image will make it more clear.

mommy cuddle baby carrier india wearable nursing bra

Q: How to put the baby inside the pouch?

A: Putting on Mommy Cuddle is same as wearing a tank top. If you find it difficult to wear from top, slide it from the bottom and then use the below steps to put your baby in:

  • Once you wear your Mommy Cuddle make sure that your baby is well fed and is in a happy mood.
  • Reach out to the bottom of the pouch and stretch it completely with your hands.
  • Next, place your baby on your shoulder like you are going to burp her/him.
  • Hold the pouch open with one hand and slowly slide baby down into it with the other hand.
  • The baby will be in position and you can gently bounce so that he/she is comfortable till the bottom of the pouch.
  • Baby’s knees should be bent in frog like position and his/her feet should touch the bottom of the pouch.
  • If needed, pull up the extra support around her/his shoulders. 
  • Enjoy your baby time 😁

Putting baby inside baby carrier

Q:How to get the baby outside the pouch?

A: baby carrier taking baby out

Q: What is the fabric like?

A:The fabric used for Mommy Cuddle is custom made and imported as it is not available in India. Usually when we see fabrics, it is made of a single yarn but the fabric of Mommy Cuddle is made up of 3 different yarns in a single fabric. This is because it needs the strength as well as the flexibility while being extremely comfortable for both mother and baby. The fabric doesn't lose it's shape even after washing or continuous usage. This has been made so because mothers tend to wear Mommy Cuddle continuously for a longer period of time because they find it so comfortable.