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About Us

Mommy Cuddle founders

Hi!! We are Soma and Rahul- The married duo behind Mommy Cuddle.

Growing up we followed the trend and enrolled in Engineering. Rahul followed the herd further with an MBA and both of us were comfortable working with MNCs till the entrepreneurial bug bit Rahul.

He had an experience in the Healthcare domain and decide to curate innovative products which improves the Quality of lives for fellow Indians. Be it inlicensed products, distributorship or Private Label products- he ventured into all territories possible with mixed success rate. 

With Mommy Cuddle, it took us a lot of effort to get the fabric and design right. It was very important to have the strength as well as the flexibility so that the baby and mother are comfortable. Mommy cuddle has been extensively tested before being launched in the market and we are sure that mothers will love it.

We know that new born babies need to be held close and mothers spend a lot of time doing it. Either of the 2 things happen- either the mother doesn't have time for her own and ends up with a sore hand or the baby doesn't get the required bonding time with the mother. Babywearing has immense benefits but Indians are yet to get used to that and moreover when we searched the market for a babywear for a new born there was absolutely nothing. So a baby carrier is not there when you need it the most- the initial 3-4 months when the baby is born and no big company is focusing on that because it is not a big market for them. All these challenges did not daunt us and we wanted to make an actual difference in the lives of new parents by making their life a whole lot easier.    

There was one particular instance which we will not forget- A one month old baby was continuously crying and being a first time mother, it was getting extremely difficult for her to handle the baby. Soma immediately handed her a Mommy Cuddle and as soon as the baby went inside the pouch it went into the most comfortable slumber ever. That was our first customer and we knew instantly that Mommy Cuddle is going to make the lives of many mothers easy and will make their baby time cherishable.   

We have had so many parents call us back to inform us how Mommy Cuddle has touched their lives. Mommy Cuddle is not just a business- it is about making a substantial difference and that is the reason we have collaborated with Sankalp India foundation to donate 2% of whatever you give us for the betterment of lives of kids suffering from Thalasemmia. Read more about that here. 

It would mean a lot to us if you share your experience of Mommy Cuddle with us. We wish you a happy baby time :) Feel free to connect to us and discuss about this whenever you like. We are here for you. 


Sizing Guide

 Sizing Guide for Mommy Cuddle Baby Carrier

Mommy Cuddle baby carrier size chart
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Mommy Cuddle under bust measurement
How to take Upper Bust Measurement:
Mommy Cuddle Upper Bust Measurement
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