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Most of the parents are worried about the position of a newborn to be carried in a stroller or an infant car seat. They like to buy a baby wear that helps them to carry their infant close to their skin. These are necessary for nursing moms and working parents who want to manage the day to day activities along with nursing activities. The inward wraps help skin to skin contact with mothers and help the mothers come out of postnatal depression faster and give a rocky movement for infants to sleep for a longer time.

How to choose a baby carrier

Generally, moms want to carry a baby using baby wear or baby wrap to manage daily chores and other duties easily beside maintaining skin to skin contact. They will shun baby wears after the kid gains 30 pounds of weight. But nowadays baby wears are available for kids who are around 500-600 pounds comfortable for both mother and the child.


Baby carriers with strips

Baby carriers with strips are adjustable according to height and weight of the baby. They can be cleaned easily and can be used as a baby backpack also. This kind of babywear is not suggestible for infants below 3 months of age since they may come to head to chin position and may cause suffocation sometimes. If you have a premature baby or underweighted baby never go for this babywear. MommyCuddle offers affordable baby carriers for infants and babies in a wider range.



Inward carrier or inward wrap

The inward carrier allows the baby to face inwards and most intimate contact with the mother. This is a convenient carrier for infants below 3 months of age as they need more skin to skin contact with mother for their proper growth and to enhance a secured feeling among babies as they are prone to unknown fears that disturb their sleep and brain development. Another important point to remember is the inward carriers are safe for dangling limbs of kids. They prevent hip dislocation and discomfort among infants.

Breastfeeding slings

Breastfeeding slings are convenient for infants below three months of age. These are useful to breastfeed kids at a convenient angle and prevent suffocation that may happen in minutes sometimes. These are designed in a manner that the baby’s face is visible unless you are nursing him.
For breastfeeding mothers, baby slings are the convenient ones when compared to baby wraps. Baby wraps may cause discomfort during summer and while nursing.

Some other qualities to check while selecting a baby carrier

  • Generally, kids get messy often and hence choose a baby wear or baby carrier washable by hands or machine. Choose an easy to clean baby carrier for your comfort and baby’s hygiene.
  • Choose a sturdy material as this material helps to maintain the posture of the baby. The shaggy material may cause pain and dislocation of hips. The baby wear with study material helps to balance the weight of the baby.
  • You can choose a baby carrier that can be adjustable along with the growth of the baby. Structured carriers are meant for babies above 4 months and slings and baby wraps are meant for babies below the age of four months.
  • Choose a structured, comfortable baby carrier that prevents the strain to your neck and shoulders. This is a good idea to choose an adjustable structured carrier as this kind of carrier helps you out from back pain due to carrying the baby for a long time and provides comfort to your baby as he grows up.
  • When you choose a baby carrier, select the one that supports the limbs of the baby properly and prevent pressurizing the thighs. Make sure that the baby carrier is provided with a headrest since your baby may sleep in the carrier and the headrest provides a proper position to your baby to sleep comfortably.
  • The carrier should be weather-friendly and should provide warmth and comfort to the baby with a comfortable design and soft fabric but sturdy to maintain the weight of the body.

To end up, a baby carrier is used to prevent postnatal depression among mothers and offers skin to skin contact between mother and the child. This is useful for kids to sleep well and maintain a good posture. Select sturdy, comfortable, and season friendly carrier that is adjustable according to growing age of kids from Mommy Cuddle India.


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