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Today I am going to talk a little about my experience of being a new mom – woah! The statement itself sounded pretty overwhelming, when I read it out loud. 

Nursing Tops Mommy Cuddle

And for me, that’s how most part of my journey has been – overwhelming! Be it the food I was supposed to consume, or the regular exercises I was supposed to complete, the never ending list of “essentials” that I was supposed to shop for – to make my baby comfortable… being an Indian pregnant woman, I never fell short of people imparting their wisdom on me.

Indian Parents Motherhood

In most cases, I admit, it has been really helpful. But I am sure, you would agree that it is really a lot to take at times.

So I really longed for a “minimalist” blog or guide that would help me narrow my options down, in terms of the aforementioned essentials. So I am going to share the list that worked the best for me and my baby.

Disclaimer: This list might be a life-saver for some of you and a complete disaster for others. What I am trying to say here, is that every mom-baby relation and requirement is unique. What might work for one is not necessarily the best option for the other. So my suggestion is, start small and invest smart.

Believe it or not, babies only want to eat, sleep, poop, repeat :) so besides the ample love and a hundred percent of your time, they don’t need much.


In the early days, babies want nothing more than to be cuddled. I read somewhere that the first 3 months of a baby’s life are often referred to as the fourth trimester. Being held in your warm embrace provides them the secure feeling of still being in the womb.

Mommy Cuddle tank top has been the first and the most efficient investment for that matter. I just wore it from the hospital, along with my baby.

Mommy Cuddle Nursing Top

I have never been onboard with the idea of a car seat for my newborn. But it proved to be a life-saving accessory when it was time for a close friend’s wedding and my saree was way too coarse for my baby to be held in my arms, the whole way there.

Definitely, the added advantage was that my baby was able to hold his head up, by that time.

The Mommy Cuddle tank top doubles up as a nursing top and was pretty useful, even when my baby outgrew the pouch.

One more thing, as a working mom, I have to spend a major chunk of my time out of home and nursing tops have been my best friend. Gone are the days when moms could just cover their babies with their “saree pallu” and feed them in public. Saree is not my everyday wear!

Here is a selection of nursing tops. These are great even to pump at the comfort of your home. Coupled with a pair of jeans, these have become my latest style statement.


Again, I read somewhere that babies sleep 16 hrs a day. Though I never had the opportunity or the dedication to count the number of hours, my angel sleeps like a baby :) , thankfully, for most of the night. He is an early riser (I mean, really early). So I need the feeding bottle warm and ready for the mornings, just in case.

But all I needed to make him sleep comfortably are cozy blankets, a constant supply of diapers and a mosquito net.


More comes out of my baby, than what goes in!

Poops Mommy Cuddle


So a diaper service or a constant supply was necessary in our case.

These diaper bags, doubling up as changing pads have been another amazing find.


The most important learning for me was the repeat part of it. You have to tirelessly repeat the cycle, numerous times a day. So take a deep breath and gear up!

But don’t worry, like everything else in your life so far you got this too, mommy <3

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