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Today, 5th June, is World Environment Day. 

Corporates and CEOs are planting saplings, radio show hosts are interviewing well known personalities, children must have been lectured about the importance of caring for the environment. But tomorrow morning, will Indians really care about something which is not impacting them directly today (or at least they think it is not)? Will you give up that plastic carry bag or will you take conscious effort to reuse non biodegradable products as much as possible? We all know the answer.

It is not our place to lecture or list the Do's and Don'ts. But it is on our hand to do something which may make a difference. Mommy Cuddle was started exactly with that vision- To make a difference in a mothers life, to make a newborn comfortable and give him/her the chance to be with the mother as much as possible, to make nursing easy for mothers and to make product packaging fun and useful. We could have just gone with the regular run of the mill carton packaging which you would have either torn in seconds or threw in the dustbin as soon as the product was out. But we figured why not make it useful.

Mommy Cuddle comes in a multipurpose canvas bag which you can use for storing clean or dirty diapers, use for maybe makeup storage or anything you want. But it is our earnest request to please use it and not just forget about it. It is a Natural cotton bag with a zipper and is very simple and classy looking. That is our effort towards making this world a better place for our children. This being a mother and baby product, the onus is on us to think about the future and act accordingly. Because if we don't, no one will. Let us pledge to stop thinking about what is wrong with the world and just make our tiny efforts. For the environment. For our little ones..

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