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Confused about what to wear while you’re pregnant? Here are a few tips that can help you create the most effective collection for your maternity wardrobe.

One of the most frequently asked questions by pregnant ladies is “What should I wear that makes me look stylish, is comfortable, fits me well and would last almost my entire pregnancy?”

Your body changes a lot during pregnancy as it is preparing itself for the baby. Though this is a pretty miraculous and a beautiful process,we understand that these changes are not always easy to flaunt.

Especially for a working woman in today’s world, it is one of the most important aspects to look presentable in a client meeting or in office at all times.

Besides a professional life, a woman is an all-rounder with various social commitments and family functions where they do have to look the part.
Combining all these with a quick-changing body and an unreliable mood (thanks hormones!) might lead to a chaotic struggle when it comes to getting dressed.

A few pointers to help you while picking your maternity outfit

• Always choose loose clothes over body hugging ones – These help with an unobstructed blood circulation and with increased body heat almost the entire time of the day, trust me, these come as blessings
• You may buy oversized tops or kurtis off the rack and get it fitted to your size and comfort
• Since your tummy grows gradually and at a constant pace, for your bottomwear, you might want to choose something that grows with you and can be clubbed with most of your tops.
• In the first trimester, most of your regular clothes will fit you. Evident physical changes start from the second trimester and reach its peak in the third. So you might want to invest in a maternity collection which would last you not just the latter 6 months of your pregnancy, but will prove to be essential, even after the baby is born.

Maternity clothes to wear at work

• In case your workplace has a strict attire code, then you need to invest accordingly.
• For most offices in India, both Western and Eastern formals are accepted from Monday through Thursday and casuals for the Fridays. So oversized tops/shirts with a pair of expandable trousers or skirts are safe choices. With mid-length to long kurtis and stretchable leggings, you can never go wrong.
• You can also wear cigarette pants with buttoned down shirts for a simple and elegant look.
• For the “Friyays”, go with beautiful smart casual dresses as those skinny jeans might not fit you for a while.

Maternity clothes for social events and parties

• Solids are your go-to colours. So, to get a flawless look wear an umbrella-cut dress or an anarkali, accessorize well and you are all set for your party.
• If you would like to flaunt that bump, go with a flowy maxi dress or an A-line soft stretchable one. Accessorize with confidence and wear it with a smile.

Maternity clothes for exercise

Most doctors recommend exercising throughout a low-risk pregnancy as it helps keep you and your baby healthy.

So suggestions for exercise clothing:
• Choose loose-fitted clothes
• Comfortable, breathable fabric like cotton or spandex is recommended

The correct pregnancy bra:

You can buy a feeding bra during your pregnancy which can be used after giving birth too. This is a budget friendly option as you do not have to invest in different bras - one for pregnancy and one for nursing.

Since your breasts increase in size, feeding bras are appropriate. They provide the required support to the back and shoulders, making sure that you are comfortable.

In conclusion, pretty lady, remember you are beautiful in all sizes. So flaunt your pregnancy with style and elegance, always putting “comfort first”.

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