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How do you modify your wardrobe when you are expecting? Read on to know more…

There is no greater joy than becoming a mother. At the same time, parenthood brings with it a lot of responsibilities. Whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned, the attention and care required for the baby as well as the mother remains critical right from the prenatal stage. First and foremost, the growing tummy of a mom-to-be may have her worried about her dress code over the next nine months. After all, the female body undergoes a massive change during the three trimesters of pregnancy. This leads to a lot of perplexity about what to wear. 

How can I still look trendy and fashionable? What should I wear to work?  What about my party-wear? If these questions are playing on your mind, take heart. You will not have to buy a whole new wardrobe. You will just have to learn to “accommodate” your expanding figure to remain just as trendy and fashionable as you were before you developed the baby bump.

mommycuddle - maternity wardrobe - work wear

In the first semester, most of the clothes you have been wearing are expected to fit you. Most bodily changes occur in the second and the peak of the final semester. So a worthwhile idea is to invest in a maternity clothes collection that you not only wear for the last six months of your pregnancy but continue to be seen in even after your baby is born.

Below are a few pointers to help you choose your maternity wardrobe according to your tastes and style quotient. After all, baby time is a special phase in your life and you need to feel special!
  • The thumb rule is to opt for loose-fitting clothes rather than body-hugging ones. Not only will you feel comfortable in them; they will also facilitate unobstructed blood circulation.
  • Oversizedkurtis and tops are the order of the day. 
  • For your bottom-wear, stretchable yoga pants and leggings will work out to be most comfortable for you. They “grow” with your body. You can lounge around the house in them, step out for your basic needs and even exercise in them. 
  • It is very important to invest in comfortable innerwear. Supportive bras and comfy cotton panties that are not only utilitarian but trendy as well will go a long way to make you feel good about yourself.
  • Consider maternity jeans. In your third semester especially, you will most probably not be able to get into your regular jeans. You will now need to slip into a pair of good quality maternity jeans equipped with an elastic waistband. 
  • As the months progress, you may experience some swelling in your feet. Thus, proper footwear is a must. You will have to do without your stilettos for this phase of your life. Rather, a good pair of sandals will be extremely comfortable as well as lend the perfect support to your feet and ankles.

mommycuddle - maternity wardrobe - office wear 


Office Wear

  • Be the choicest mom-to-be in your office by opting for oversized tops/shirts teamed with expandable trousers or skirts. You will feel most comfortable by wearing mid-length to longkurtis with stretchable leggings.
  • Make heads turn when you enter the office in super-trendy cigarette pants with buttoned-down shirts.
  • For your corporate meetings, look dapper in light knit dresses or maternity jeans worn with loose-fitting blazers.

Social Events and Parties

  • Solids are your go-to colours. Do ananarkali or an umbrella-cut dress, accessorize well and walk into any social event like a diva. 
  • Up the style quotient with maternity jeans paired with a white crisp shirt. 
  • A useful tip: invest in smart belts that can layer your tummy and conceal your big waistline. 

For Exercising

  • Loose fitting, comfortable clothes as well as good supportive brassiere will go a long way in helping you exercise properly during your pregnancy. 
  • Extra-long tops that are not cut too low are a rage now among pregnant women.
  • Choose shoes that are specially designed for the type of exercise you are attempting.

mommycuddle - maternity wardrobe - exercise

Mommy and Us

Today, a plethora of options lie in front of you when it comes to choosing maternity clothing. Mommy Cuddle is your one-stop shop for your maternity wear. Our success and growing popularity today indicate the way we have managed to make a mark as a result of our constant endeavor to touch the lives of new mothers and their babies.

Our top offering for all moms-to-be include our free-size maternity tops that can be worn at all stages of pregnancy. The product, made of 95% premium cotton, is both comfortable and stretchable.  An added advantage is the fashionable design that facilitates it to be trendy enough for you to wear it at all times. 

Your comfort during this beautiful phase of your life is our primary concern.  This is the very reason why we have also come up with our belly maternity leggings, especially for you. These leggings are customized to expand with the advanced stages of pregnancy and perfectly hold your baby bump in place. You can be comfortable in them in the house, pair them with a tunic while stepping out or use them as yoga pants while exercising. 

Besides these, we also have a host of other maternity products. We truly want to give the best to new parents.
You can treat yourself to our utilitarian and classy products by visiting our product section. 

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