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Becoming a mother changes something in you! Your emotions are a complete haywire. One moment, your heart is fit to burst with joy and happiness. And the next moment, you are consumed with fear and worry about taking care of the little human. A new mother is also sleep deprived most of the time, which can make you cranky and irritable.

Along with this emotional joyride, your body also goes through a lot of changes after the delivery.

Hairs Gone for a Toss

Feel like all your hair is falling out post-delivery? Well, you’re mostly right.

Women are usually blessed with thicker hair when they are pregnant. This is due to the increased levels of hormones in your body. Typically, a person loses about 100 hairs per day. But thanks to the increased level of estrogen, pregnant women go through a far less amount of hair fall. Thus, women have a thicker mane during those nine months.

After delivery, as the hormone levels return to normal, the body has to compensate for all the extra hair gained during pregnancy. For the first 5-6 months after delivery, new mothers experience increased hair loss. The luscious hairs go away!

From C-Cup to B-Cup

If pregnancy is the journey from C-cup to D-cup; then post-delivery phase is the journey from D-cup to C-cup. During and immediately after pregnancy, a woman’s breasts get bigger in size in preparation of breastfeeding. But these larger breasts are not permanent. Once you stop nursing, your breasts get smaller and tend to sag.

Mommy Cuddle has a wide range of maternity essentials like maternity/nursing bras. Both pregnant women and new mothers can go through our list of products, and find maternity essentials for themselves. During breastfeeding, nursing bras are most effective to wear for changing breast sizes.

Bulging Belly

When you’re pregnant, your stomach grows in size to make room for the baby growing inside you. So once you give birth, you will lose the extra weight around your abdomen, right? Well, wrong!

The stomach that grows during pregnancy is actually your uterus growing! Normally, about the size of a pear, it grows to the size of a watermelon during pregnancy. And after your delivery, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the uterus to go back to its normal size. Till this happens, your stomach will be in a bloated shape. Do not worry about it. The belly fat will go away on its due course of time. A strict regimen of diet and exercise is required to gain your pre-pregnancy body shape. Usually, a new mother shall wait for the doctor’s go-ahead before starting any exercise routine.

Low on Hormones

Not in a mood? Well, it’s to be expected.

Many new mothers see a drop in their sex drives. The reasons are both emotional and physiological. The initial few months after pregnancy, your sole attention is on taking care of your baby. You are not in the romantic frame of mind. Physically too, the sleepless nights have kept you awake, making you feel tired and exhausted. Hormones also play a role. After delivery and till you are breastfeeding, your body has lower estrogen levels, which diminishes your sex drive. Like everything else, your body also needs time to feel intimate again! Spend this time bonding with your partner on an emotional level. For some fun times, you can always rely on a glass of wine, some sense of humour, and plenty of lubrication!

Big Fat Feet

There are many women who cannot fit their feet into their old shoes. Yes, your shoe size can change post-delivery!

During pregnancy, the muscles in your body relax and the ligaments in your feet loosen up. This allows the bones to separate slightly, causing your feet to get wider. Additionally, the weight gain that happens during pregnancy flattens the arch in your feet, lengthening them a bit. It is quite normal for pregnant women to gain an extra half-inch in their shoe size. These changes are permanent, so be ready to sport a larger shoe size from now on.


More than a majority of pregnant women today suffer from Gestational diabetes, that is, elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy. But the risk of diabetes is present in many women even after giving birth. If you have a family history of diabetes, it is more than likely that you will develop type 2 diabetes after pregnancy. Sometimes, this might not happen immediately after pregnancy but can occur later in life. It is important to maintain a healthy weight and diet, and regularly check your blood sugar levels to be prepared for any eventuality.

Stretch Marks

Weight gain is common during pregnancy period. When the skin stretches around the abdomen, many women get stretch marks in their body. After giving birth and post-delivery, these marks tend to stick around. Following a strict exercise routine, if you lose all the extra weight gained, you can also get stretch marks around your arms and thighs caused by the weight that you shed. All pregnant women usually have stretch marks on their body. But over time, they tend to get lighter.

Vaginal Changes

This happens if you had a vaginal delivery. When you push your baby out, your vagina expands to the size of your newborn’s head. After the delivery, the vagina contracts down to its normal size. But some women may have a permanently wider vagina after giving birth. There can be many causes to it, such as the size of baby, genetic factors, and if the mother is overweight.

Back Pain

After giving birth, it takes some time for the stretched abdomen muscles to become strong again. For the time being, your body puts extra weight on the muscles of your back. This causes a backache for new mothers until the abdominal muscles tighten up again. Typically, this lasts for the first six weeks after delivery.

Being a new mother can be an overwhelming experience. Your body is constantly changing and evolving. These emotional and physical changes add to the vulnerability of a new mother. With Mommy Cuddle, a new mom finds a one-stop solution for all her daily maternity products - from nursing bras to diaper bags. And the emotional support, that goes without saying!

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