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Pregnancy is a time of emotional and physical highs and lows for all women. While the first trimester goes in adjusting to the terrible morning sickness, the second and third trimester is when your body starts changing. As your stomach grows in size to make room for the baby, it is time for you to start looking at maternity dresses online India.

Mommy Cuddle is your one-stop address for all maternity wears. Here are some products that are absolute must for every pregnant woman in 2019 & beyond.

Free-Size Maternity Top

When you’re buying any type of maternity dresses online in India, finding the right size can be a big task. Mommy Cuddle offers free-size maternity tops that can be worn during all stages of pregnancy. The product is made of 95% premium Cotton of 190 GSM and 5% Spandex fabrics, making it both comfortable and stretchable. As your belly grows, the maternity top also stretches to fit your body requirement.

Mommy Cuddle has also taken great care to come up with a fashionable design, so you can wear these maternity tops at all times. The top features a cute baby image in a peek-a-boo style that falls around the area of your baby bump. This makes it a perfect baby shower gift – the most comfortable maternity wear.

Over-the-belly Maternity Leggings

Made of a unique blend of cotton and spandex, the maternity leggings at Mommy Cuddle have been specially designed for your changing body. These leggings are custom-built to expand with your growing belly and perfectly hold your baby bump in place. Designed to provide maximum comfort, this product promises strength, breathability, and softness.

When shopping for maternity dresses online in India, over-the-belly maternity leggings will come up as a must-have. These can be worn as comfy house pants, paired up with a tunic or dress when going out, or be used as yoga pants for your prenatal exercises. Your baby bump is safe and secure in comfort and style!

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