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Being a new mother is overwhelming and full of responsibilities. Your heart is filled with joy at the sight of your newborn, but the sleepless nights take a toll on your body. 

In addition to plenty of rest, every new mother needs a few maternity essentials, post-delivery. Mommy Cuddle comes as a savior when you are already puzzled about what to buy, what not to buy – A one-stop-solution for all kinds of maternity wear and accessories. 

Nursing Tops 


Ideally, an infant should be breastfed for the first six months at least. During this time, new mothers need to find comfortable nursing tops that enable them to feed their baby without any hassle. 

Mommy Cuddle nursing tops are specially designed to make your breastfeeding experience easier and comfortable. Our nursing top comes with an inbuilt double layered nursing bra and front pouch for carrying your infant. The double-layered nursing bra offers extra coverage so you don't have to wear a bra inside your top, making it amazingly simple to feed your newborn. 

Providing cover to your back and stomach while you nurse, this Mommy Cuddle top should be on top of your maternity essentials list. The stretchable front pouch gives a womb-like environment to carry your newborn and the head support ensures that your baby is comfortable while sleeping.

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Diaper Bag 


Babies and diapers go hand in hand. Hence, one of the first things a new mother needs is a smart and spacious diaper bag. Mommy Cuddle Diaper Backpack is stylish, durable and travel-friendly. With a spacious size of 11.4 х 9.1 х 16.5 inches, it is well-equipped with 15 pockets where you can tidily store clean diapers, wet clothes, water bottle, towels, etc. Weighing only 600 grams, this diaper backpack allows you to move around freely with your baby in tow.

The diaper bag from Mommy Cuddle is made of high-quality Oxford cloth, which does not wear and tear easily. The design is elegant and stylish, boasting of heavy-duty iron zippers with strong lock slot on the zipper. The bag is also waterproof, making it easy to wipe and clean.

With these magical products from Mommy Cuddle, say no to jittery and messy motherhood days. Let the smile prevail on you and your baby’s face, forever!

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