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Two little pink lines on the pregnancy stick changed Vaishali’s life forever. It was evident that a new life is growing inside her. Being a senior manager in one of Mumbai’s leading advertising agencies, Vaishali lived a busy life. But now was the time to slow down. She would have to take extra care of herself.

During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through numerous changes. The most obvious is the expanding belly and weight gain. But there are other hormonal changes too, which affected her.

One of the first things that took Vaishali by surprise was the change in her bra cup size. She was prepared to buy loose Anarkali kurtis for her growing belly, but the increase in her breast size was something she had not anticipated. Around the second trimester, getting ready for work had become a trying time!


Increasing breast size, expanding the waistline, wider hips, and swollen feet – every aspect of Vaishali’s body was changing. Almost overnight, her breasts had gained a larger cup size. Her newly purchased bra was not fitting her anymore. As the pregnancy progresses into the later stage, hormonal changes cause the breasts to get even bigger to prepare for breastfeeding. This is why pregnant women shall wear maternity bras for good support.

All her life, Vaishali took pride in her fashion sense and choice of attires. She always had the trendiest clothes and the latest accessories. Being in the advertising world, her appearance played an important part in her work-life. When meeting with clients, she always had to be presentable. Among her peer group of friends and colleagues, Vaishali was the go-to person for any fashion advice. But, even with all her knowledge of fashion and brands, she found herself in a style fix during the pregnancy.

As the fourth month of pregnancy started, Vaishali could no more fit into her regular clothing. Jeans and trousers had become tight around the waistline. Shirts, tops and kurtis had become a size shorter. A large part of her earning was going into buying new clothes. For Vaishali, getting ready for work, no more meant choosing which clothes to wear. Rather, it had become a process of figuring out which clothes would fit her.

During this period of daily struggle regarding clothes, Vaishali stumbled upon the ad of Mommy Cuddle on her social media feed. A one-stop destination for all types of maternity essentials, Mommy Cuddle came as a boon in her life. All of her clothing problems were taken care of by their maternity wear range. Mommy Cuddle’s product offerings include free-size maternity tops and maternity leggings. Made out of premium stretchable fabric, Vaishali could wear their tops and leggings freely during all stages of her pregnancy. The maternity top was the ideal wear for lounging at home or for going out. The over-the-belly leggings could be paired up with a loose top for a smart and chic look. With Mommy Cuddle, Vaishali found clothes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Increasing waistline is a cause of worry for all women across the globe and not limited to pregnant ladies. But stylish shoes have always brought them comfort. Once your growing years are done, shoe size mostly remains the same. Like every woman of her age, Vaishali too had an enviable variety of shoes in her wardrobe – stilettos, wedges, ballerinas, loafers, pumps, kitten heels, gladiator sandals, platform heels, oxfords, and more.


The most painful part of pregnancy for Vaishali was to say goodbye to her beloved footwear collection. While high heels must be avoided by all pregnant women, this is only temporary. Once the baby is born, one can go back to wearing their favourite pair of stilettos. But in Vaishali’s case, her foot size changed due to growth hormones, making her discard all the old shoes.

During pregnancy, relaxing hormones are released by the body. The muscle, ligaments, and bone joints begin to stretch and loosen up, to prepare the mother’s body for the upcoming delivery. For some women, the relaxing hormones can cause a permanent change in their shoe size. The ligaments in your feet loosen up and the bones separate a bit, which causes your foot to become wider. For Vaishali, this meant a complete overhaul for her shoe cabinet.

During the nine months of pregnancy, it is advised to wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support. High-heeled shoes can cause problems in balance, back pain, and swollen feet. Vaishali had to take special care with her footwear as she continued to work till her seventh month of pregnancy. The daily travelling made it necessary that she had the most comfortable pair of shoes.

From buying new lingerie to getting a new wardrobe, it sure seems like being pregnant gives you the perfect excuse to go shopping. This is why Vaishali put her faith in Mommy Cuddle and their range of maternity essentials. From maternity tops to maternity leggings, she found all her necessities under one roof. Being an online platform, there was no hassle of going shopping, physically. And the free size of their products ensured that there was never a problem with fitting.

Apart from clothes and footwear, a woman’s hairstyle also has a key role in her overall look and appearance. One of the positive changes that happen during pregnancy is that all women are blessed with thicker and healthier looking hair. This is due to the increased level of estrogen produced in the body during this period. The prenatal vitamins that you are taking during this time also cause your hair to grow faster and become more lustrous than usual.

During her pregnancy period, Vaishali too experienced a fair number of good hair days. It gave her the chance to try a hand at various hairstyles that she picked up from online tutorials. And for any of her maternity needs, Mommy Cuddle was always with her!

You can check Mommy Cuddle’s range of maternity essentials at



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