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Postpartum back pain is one of the challenging issues faced by women worldwide post childbirth. Experts say that most of the women suffer lower back pain due to carrying baby improperly for long hours. Doctors say that skin to skin contact between mother and child is an essential thing for the well being of the baby, which makes the use of Mommy Cuddle’s breast feeding top an instant solution to provide skin to skin touch for the infant without the adverse effects like lower back pain and sore joints.

There are many reasons behind the postpartum lower back pain including uneven weight gain, lack of activity and ailments after childbirth. Most of the doctors suggest usage of waist belt for women who gave birth to a baby for a few months. After the initial days of childbirth, women have to take care of themselves and the baby on their own and hence it causes a lot of stress on mothers of newborn babies. In addition, they need to carry the baby for long hours along with managing daily chores and work. The irony is that the adverse effects of postpartum blues last for a lifetime if left unattended. Hence, you need to take care that you should get rid of baby blues at the earliest with the support of Mommy Cuddle’s eclectic range of products designed especially for new mothers.

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Earlier, our ancestors used to carry their kids on their backs using a piece of cloth sewn into the bag and perform all the activities. Nowadays, women need to perform daily chores and office work besides nursing the infant. The baby carriers provide convenience to breastfeed the baby at times besides carrying the baby at an ease providing balance and comfort to the baby as well.

Listed below are the causes of postpartum back pain and the preventive measures that can be considered.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

Weight gain during pregnancy is necessary and inevitable. After childbirth, a woman cannot find time to work out due to fatigue and lack of time to manage and take care of herself. In addition, when you feel uncomfortable in bowel movement or urination and loss of sensitivity in the groin area, this is an adverse effect of weight gain and you need to work out to lose weight by the advice of the physician.

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal and waist area after pregnancy is also an issue that has the impact on the mobility and activity of the body after childbirth. Baby carriers support the exercises for women besides carrying the baby and breastfeeding. Abdominal weight causes excessive pressure on the back and causes back pain. So, take regular exercise to prevent back pain and get relieved of stress and other woes after childbirth.

Flaws in Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is an important aspect for the well being of mother and child. The mother should select the correct posture to breastfeed the kid. The infants need feeding for every 30 minutes in the early months. Sometimes, the mother feels fatigued to feed the baby in the correct posture and gets affected by lower back pain.

Hence, wearing a baby carrier or a baby wrap that supports breastfeeding will remove the weight of the baby on your limbs and eases breastfeeding. Also, take care that you sit in a straight position to breastfeed your baby to avoid inconvenience for you and your newborn baby.

Misplacement of Muscles During Childbirth:

The muscles in the uterus will contract and expand during childbirth and even in c-section childbirth, the abdominal area and waist area will be prone to many muscular misplacement. In addition to the muscular pain, lower back pain is another adverse impact after childbirth. Abdominal exercises and breathing exercises are suggested by therapists to prevent lower back pain among mothers of newborn babies.

The muscles in the back and pelvic area get weakened after childbirth and this is another reason for lower back pain post childbirth. Using a proper baby wrap or baby carrier to lift the baby close to the chest prevents pressure on the hip area and reduces back pain.

Hormonal Imbalances:

During pregnancy, the body is prone to many hormonal imbalances and finally, this may lead to lower back pain among women. Hence, take the help of the physician to overcome this problem and have a good diet and exercise to prevent adverse effects, an integral part of baby blues.

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How to Overcome the Back Pain After Childbirth?

  • Take regular exercise to reduce the stress and pressure caused by weight gain and other issues related to childbirth. Try to walk around with your baby using a baby carrier to prevent pressure on your arms and maintain correct posture.
  • Sit, stand and walk straight as much as you can do to reduce the stiffening of nerves and muscles and prevent back pain.
  • Try to take exercise besides nursing your infant using baby friendly wraps. This helps to reduce back pain as well as improves bonding between you and your baby. Take exercises to tone the abdominal area and reduce the pressure on the back area with the advice of your therapists.
  • Try to avoid wearing high heels since these cause pressure on the back area.
  • Avoid bathing with cold water and prefer warm water to bathe and take a message with steam or warm water frequently.
  • Take a proper diet rich in fiber and nutrients to support nourishment of your baby and proper functioning of your body.
  • Take massage with warm oil or use hot water bags to massage the back area to relieve the back pain.

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Postpartum back pain is a common problem faced by 1 out of 3 women worldwide. Hormonal imbalances, weight gain after pregnancy and wrong posture during breastfeeding are the important factors that cause back pain among women after childbirth. Taking proper diet and exercise, use of a good baby carrier or baby wrap, avoiding high heels, and hot massage and bathing with warm water are some of the remedies suggested by the doctors to relieve the pain. A proper baby carrier will be a good solution for some of these issues.


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