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Holding your baby for the first time in your arms is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. Everything that you’ve ever heard about it being magical and life-changing, are absolutely true. I still remember the first time I held my daughter after giving birth to her. Wrapped in a soft pale pink cotton blanket, the nurse handed her to me gently – showing me the right way to hold her.

Looking at that little bundle, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had come from me! This tiny human lived inside me, even an hour ago. The joy I felt threatened to take over my entire heart. But, I also remember being in terrible pain. I had a C-section delivery. The first time I held my daughter, my hand which supported her head had an IV line inserted in me. My head felt woozy, still suffering the effects of partial anesthesia I had been given. I couldn’t feel my body from waist down, which added to a different level of discomfort. I never wanted to take my eyes away from my daughter, but at the same time, I wanted to sleep. My body demanded rest.


If you have ever felt like a bad mother because you wanted a break from taking care of your child, I am here to tell you: You are the most wonderful mother your child could have! Being a new mother is tiring and exhausting. A typical newborn needs to be fed every 3-4 hours. This means long periods of uninterrupted rest is difficult for you to get. Additionally, your post-partum body is still recovering after the delivery.

Nine days after my daughter was born, I was discharged from the hospital. With a long list of do’s and don’ts from the doctor, I was home. I was lucky because I had the support of my family. For the first month or so, I did not have to do any household work at all. This is a very crucial step in recovering after delivery, especially a C section.

The first few days after coming home, you are still learning the ropes of motherhood. With all your energies spent in taking care of your baby, you feel mentally and physically tired. This is why having experienced caregivers is so important during this stage, be it someone from your family or a hired help.

Here are a few things you shall follow to have an easier time, post delivery.

Get Plenty of Rest

Within the first couple of days of coming home, I realized one thing: my daughter operated on a different time clock. Every night, she would wake up 2-3 times, demanding to be fed and changed. For more than a month, I could not manage even sleeping 5 hours at a stretch.

All this takes a toll on your body, leaving you tired and cranky; and you are allowed.  One thing that all new mothers should follow – get plenty of rest. Sleep for as much time as you can, whenever you can. If you cannot sleep, just lie down and rest. Allow others to take care of your household duties. Your only priority is feeding your baby and taking care of yourself.

As everyone comes home to meet the little one, there will guests to attend. But if your baby is napping, excuse yourself and get the much needed rest you need. Do not feel bad about this. Remember: you can only take care of your baby, when you feel healthy and active.

Ask For Help

Do not hesitate to ask for help. One thing about being an independent working woman is that we are used to being self-reliant. While usually a good thing, new mothers need to understand there is no shame in asking for help when you really need it. Ask your mother or mother-in-law to come and stay with you for the initial few months. If that option is not viable, you can also hire a nanny or house help to help you with the baby and household responsibilities. They can be a real lifesaver when taking care of your newborn.

Do not insist on doing things all by your own. As per doctor’s orders, you should not be lifting heavy for the first two months after delivery. Ask your husband or domestic help for assistance in carrying things, if and when necessary. If something falls off a shelf, do not bend to pick it up. Let it remain on the ground, till you can ask someone else to do it. These might seem like trivial things, but they are not. Taking care of yourself is a part of the healing process after a C-section delivery.

Maternity Essentials

The maternity essentials for a new mother include nursing bras and nursing tops, sanitary pads, and diaper bags. After the delivery, you will experience heavy vaginal discharge for the first two to three weeks after giving birth. This is your body’s way of eliminating all blood and tissue from your uterus. Thus, sanitary pads are absolutely a must.

Nursing bras and nursing tops are also maternity essentials which every new mother needs. Especially for women who are breastfeeding, nursing tops make the whole process easier. You can easily feed your baby. Mommy Cuddle offers you with all the essential maternity wear, both for during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy diet helps you to maintain your healing process. When breastfeeding, you are your baby’s primary source of nourishment. Make sure you have a lot of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein. There have been studies which show that eating vegetables while breastfeeding imparts flavors in breast milk, making it tastier for your child. You should also increase your intake of fluids. While nursing your baby, you might feel thirsty. It is always good to have water beside you while breastfeeding.  

Listen to Your Doctor

In taking care of their child, new mothers sometimes end up neglecting their own health. You must always take your medicines as prescribed, on the regulated time. Keep up with your post delivery medical check-ups. Before starting any new physical activity, make sure to consult with your doctor. If you want to start exercise to lose the pregnancy weight, or thinking about joining back at work, getting your doctor’s go-ahead is most important factor.

The love and support of your family and following the doctor’s orders to the T will help you in settling down into the new role of a being a mother. Follow all that has been said here, and you will have an easier time adjusting to post-partum life. For any other needs, Mommy Cuddle has their range of maternity essentials for you!

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