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Everyone gets fascinated to see Kangaroos carrying their babies in the pouches of their bellies. Like all other mammals, humans also like to carry their infants with their skin contact. Most of the nursing mothers feel inconvenient to carry the infants due to their physical conditions up till the infants attain three months of age.

The mothers have to carry out many functions like nursing the baby, cleaning, cooking, and many other chores besides handling the infants. In such scenario it is important to discuss about the need for the baby carriers.

Need for Baby Carriers

Most of the studies show that skin contact between a mother and an infant is very important for further development of the infant and it is helpful to the mother to prevent postnatal depression. Most of the mothers suffer baby blues up to the completion of breastfeeding period.

They want to cuddle or rock the baby until the baby falls asleep and then resume their chores or sleep themselves. But the baby feels the need of mother’s touch and starts crying. Our ancestors (still being used and followed in a lot of parts of India and world over) used to use clothing for baby carriers to carry out day to day tasks with an ease.

Need for Skin to skin contact in the first three months

In the first three months of infancy, babies need to sleep more than 20 hours a day for the proper development of physical and metabolic activities. Doctors recommend that mother’s skin contact is the best one for comfortable sleep to a baby. Every baby needs and loves to be cuddled and cared. The skin to skin contact between mother and infant is very important for brain development of babies. 

The babies feel uncomfortable when they feel that they are not safe, for instance, if they cannot feel the skin touch of the mother. Then, the brain of the baby prepares to act in a defensive way. That means, the baby takes the feed, digests, and sleeps and brain development gets paused. Hence, skin to skin contact with mother is the important thing for proper sleep and brain development of the baby in the first trimester.

Skin to skin contact enhances the bond between the mother and the child in the first three months. This helps the mother by boosting the hormones related to breastfeeding and oxytocin that prevents postnatal depression. Research shows that skin to skin contact between the mother and the child improves social behavior of the child in future. Besides breastfeeding, skin to skin contact with mother stabilizes the heartbeat rate and blood sugar levels among the infants. In addition, this is helpful to relieve the pain after taking blood tests or vaccination to infants.

Benefits of Baby Carriers

There are many benefits of baby carriers that are proven scientifically. Baby carriers act as incubators for premature babies. Chinese believe that placing premature babies on women provide them with warmth same as the incubators.

Feels like womb

Some doctors consider first three months of an infant as the fourth trimester. Most doctors say that 60-90 percent of brain development in human infants take place in the first three months.

The baby carriers provide warmth and comfort to the babies and provide womb service to the infants. The baby sleeps for a long time as the upright carriers provide a rocking effect and long undisturbed sleep helps the well being of the baby.

Some other benefits of baby carriers are

  • Prevention from colics and soothes the baby.
  • Upright baby carriers provide right posture for the baby and skin contact with mother
  • Support convenient breastfeeding.
  • When compared to baby backpacks, carriers with an inward opening are convenient and safe ones for babies to prevent hip dislocation as infants have dangling limbs.

Need of carrying the baby even when the carrier is not available?

Even when the carrier is not available, the mother needs to carry the baby to maintain skin to skin contact up to the age of three months. This reduces the crying of the baby. All of us know it literally but the reason behind this is, proper sleep for the baby is good for health and this improves the confidence levels of the child in future.

This helps to develop a bond between mother and child. Carrying the baby stabilizes the body temperature and heartbeat rate of the baby. Studies show that carrying the baby for most of the time improves the immunity of the baby and prevents some typical allergies.


To conclude, baby carriers are helpful to maintain skin to skin contact with mother and child and helps the proper development of the baby beside soothing and preventing baby colics up to three months of age. Doctors recommend skin to skin contact with the mother for brain development and many more benefits to the child. Baby carriers that provide upright posture are the best ones for infants below three months of age.

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