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You should keep many things handy when you are ready to bring your child to the world. After 8 months of pregnancy, it can be expected that you may go into your labour anytime. Therefore, it is essential to pack your bags and carry a few necessary things to your hospital. Certain items are required during your labour and even after you have given birth to your child. 

Things to Pack and Carry to the Hospital 

Listed below are a few of the essential things to carry to hospital when you are in your labour. 

  • An identity card or insurance card is extremely important when you are going to the hospital. Ensure that you carry the hospital paperwork which can be necessary for your registration or identity purposes. 
  • You should carry bathrobes, nightgowns, socks, and slippers. Your hospital might provide all these necessary things, but in order to avoid any kind of infection, you should use your own things. Make sure that you choose a loose and comfortable gown. Gown might also be hospital dependent and some hospitals may not allow you to use your own dress. If you are more comfortable in your own clothes, enquire beforehand to avoid last minute surprises. Slippers are also necessary when you go to the washroom. 
  • Make sure that you carry healthy snacks because, after the delivery of your baby, you can be hungry. There are times when you will not want to rely only on the hospital food. Carry along crackers, fruits, granola bars, and nuts, so that you can eat whenever you are hungry. Of course your hubby is around to do the running and fulfill your wishes but pack some chocolates for him as well 👶 
  • Carrying toiletries are also important because you have no idea as to how long you have to stay in the hospital. Personal items like toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorants, combs, lip balms, barrettes and hair bands should be carried. Generally, the hospitals provide shampoo, lotions, and soaps, but it is better if you carry your own things. You can use them according to your will. 
  • Carry the nursing brassieres so that it becomes easy for you to breastfeed your baby. You do not have to remove your brassiere every time you have to feed your child. These brassieres also provide comfort when you are lactating. 
  • The time at the hospital can be very boring. If you love reading books, you can pack a book on baby care or any other book that you prefer reading. This will help you to spend time when your family members are not allowed to come inside your cabin. 
  • Carry along a notepad and a pencil so that you can write down anything important. This can include the feeding session of your baby, questions that you want to ask your nurse, suggestions given by your paediatrician, or for simply jotting down your memories. 
  • Though all the reputed hospitals provide blankets, you might want to carry your own so that you get the feel of your home. 

Furthermore, you do not need to ask for anything that you need when you have your belongings with you.  The most important thing is your comfort on the D day. 

You may also want to check out Mommy Cuddle from Amazon. Add it to your wish list or keep it ready so that you have it by your side when you get back from the hospital. Giving birth is a wonderful feeling and you wouldn’t want to leave your munchkin’s side even for a minute. But in our hectic lifestyle this is not always possible. So we are here to help. Hop on your baby like a Kangaroo and go about your day like a superstar. All the best and feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any query regarding this topic. We are happy to help.  

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