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Pregnancy is an exciting but a tough decision to make for all women. Some may get excited while some may get worried about managing work, family, finances, and the baby after childbirth. However, this is a gift of womanhood and every woman loves to enjoy the moments of pregnancy despite the tantrums thrown by the body and mind during that period. Getting prepared for pregnancy and childbirth becomes easier if you follow a planner and execute your plans. The most important thing to remember is not to get overwhelmed and take each day as it comes instead of freaking out and thinking about the unknown. Take a deep breath and follow the following simple steps:

Take time to announce the pregnancy

Take your time to announce the news of your pregnancy to your family or friends. Generally, there will be many risky consequences during the first trimester of pregnancy and complications like a miscarriage. It is always a better move to announce your news after completion of the first trimester because the chances of miscarriages will decline after that period. Furthermore, in India there so many different customs and beliefs. Understand your options well and do whatever feels right for you.

Prepare a to-do list before and after pregnancy and childbirth

Preparing a to-do list will reduce the stress of the last minute. Make a planner of scans, medical checkups, diet plans on the basis of pregnancy weeks and childbirth. This will help you to execute the tasks promptly and get a healthy and happy pregnancy. You may be a homemaker or a working woman, but preparing a list and following it strictly is necessary for your health and diet for a happy and healthy baby and mother. We have an amazing e-book where we have listed out the tests to be done at different stages of pregnancy. Do claim your free copy by providing your email at the bottom of this page.

Maintain separate files of scans and health check-ups

It is better to take photographs and scans during the conception period for further health assistance. Maintain records of your medical history and weight gain to plan your diet and workouts. Take separate files for medical reports and scans every month to make the tracing out of any health issues earlier and easier.

Plan and execute a workout plan

Learn about the different exercises for pregnant women to relieve yourself from the unwanted pain and stress. Make a plan for regular workouts like taking a walk or aerobics and be strict to execute them. Regular exercises relieve you from stress and help you out to maintain the balance in metabolic activities. Take care that you consult your doctor to chalk out your workout plan as your health condition may vary with time. The positive aspect of regular exercise is that it reduces unhealthy weight and acts as an antidepressant to fight baby blues after childbirth. Research says that proper diet and exercise prevents postnatal depression among women.

Make time for yourself

Take care of yourself and enjoy your time in a healthy lifestyle. Enjoying the dawn and the dusk and doing your favourite things for some time makes you active and prevents some issues like lack of Vitamin-D and hormonal imbalances. Be careful that you avoid smoking and alcohol during pregnancy as the risk of cardiac diseases become three folds if the mother is an alcoholic or smoker. Writing down your experiences throughout your pregnancy makes you cherish the moments in future by memorizing the sweetest events of your life.

Shop maternity products

If you enter your third trimester of pregnancy, plan and shop maternity products and prepare a baby kit that you need in the labour room. This will be helpful to prevent last-minute rush and will be a memorable thing for you and your baby.

Amazon has an ‘Add to Baby Wish List’ and if you are not ready to purchase yet, you can save it so that it is handy when you are ready to make a decision. For example see the Mommy Cuddle link here.

Mommy Cuddle will help you during the most important initial days to form a special bond with your baby. It will also be a nursing top with an inbuilt nursing bra for easy nursing of the baby till the time you are breastfeeding.

Being a mother is not an easy task but your partner and you have to prepare and brace yourselves. Keep the above tips in mind, and you will definitely have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Have a happy baby time 👶

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