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A baby shower is a tradition that is followed by the Indian families when an expectant mother is around eight months pregnant. In this function, the family and friends of the mom-to-be gather together to offer blessings and gifts to the mother and the unborn child. As is the case with most family functions, generally most of the gifts that are given to the mother are either run of the mill gifts (like baby clothes, oil, baby powder etc) or are of no use to a new mother. Most of the times the mother ends up with enough powder supplies to last at least a dozen kids. If you are thoughtful and want to gift something which actually helps the mother then read on:

When you are purchasing a gift for such a special event, you need to select smartly and wisely. Listed below are few of the events that you can consider purchasing.

  • Diaper Bags:Diaper bags are essential for all the new moms. She will carry the diaper bag along with her whenever she is going out with her baby. Diaper bags have enough space for bottles, diapers, water thermos and even her wallet. Ensure that you pick up a bag that will last for an entire year and is capable of withstanding spills and rough use. Make sure that the bag is not only durable but also trendy. 
  • Baby Slings:Baby slings are wise gifts as the new mother can carry her baby easily whenever she is going out for any important work. She can move around according to her own free will and can perform all her tasks without any hassle. Indian women hardly get a chance to rest even after their baby is born. Therefore, this is one of the best baby shower gifts for Indian women
  • Breastfeeding Pillows:Another item that can be gifted is the breastfeeding pillow. This pillow helps in nursing the baby easily and it will also allow the baby to be snug. Additionally, it can support the baby when the mother is in an uncomfortable position and wants to move. 
  • Mommy Cuddle Baby Carriers:This is a wearable baby carrier, which has been designed after taking inspiration from the kangaroos. It has a pouch in front and the mother can hop the baby like a Kangaroo. Mommy Cuddle has an inbuilt nursing bra and Nursing is very easy with the Mommy Cuddle Baby Carrier  without exposing back and belly region. The pouch is stretchable, which allows the baby to be comfortable. Read more about this awesome product here. 
  • Baby Bathtub:The cutest gift that you can give is a baby bathtub. It is perfect for the bath time of a baby, and the tub ensures that the babies are in their place when an oil massage is being given to them. Buy a foldable bathtub so that it can be stored easily. 
  • Baby Cradle:Baby cradles are the best gifts as the parents can put their baby to sleep without any struggle. Baby cradles come with wheels and the parents can move it in any room they want. 

Smart investments always receive appreciation and ensure that you buy presents that can be used by the mother and her child instead of giving greeting cards and flowers that are of no use. If you are close friends or office colleagues with a limited budget then consider pooling your money and giving an amazing gift with the increased budget. Mommy Cuddle for a new mother will be super helpful and you can rest assured that she will be using it all the time.   

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