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We all know that it is very difficult to quit bad habits. Not only smoking and drinking, overeating, sitting in a sedentary way for a long time are some of the harmful habits similar to alcoholism. If you are planning for a baby, leaving hazardous bad habits like smoking and alcohol are a must for healthy growth of the baby. In addition, by leaving bad habits, you can achieve many health benefits and rejuvenation of body tissues and cells besides normal and healthy growth of the baby. You will look better and feel better by leaving bad habits and also can save money you spend on cigarettes or alcohol.


Cigarette smoking is very bad for the baby for many reasons. Smoking is responsible to prevent active circulation of blood into the body. Tobacco releases carbon monoxide and tar that has a very bad effect on mother and child equally. When you want to give birth to a healthy child, you should take care of your health and give up the habits that have bad effects on the baby. Passive smoking is also harmful to mother and foetus. The tar coats the lungs and causes several kinds of cancer. Hence, staying away from smoking is the first step to take if you want to have a healthy baby.

Consuming drugs and alcohol

Some doctors prescribe safe limits of alcohol during pregnancy but it is better to quit alcohol if you are planning a baby because scientific reports show poor DNA of infants born to alcoholic parents, especially mothers. Even if men consume alcohol, babies have the chances of early diabetes or obesity along with chronic tuberculosis in some instances. Some research reveals that if a woman consumes alcohol during pregnancy, it travels directly to the placenta through the umbilical cord. That means you are giving a harmful drink to your baby even before he or she is born. Even after birth, the baby may experience lesser growth in weight and motor development may be slower than normal.

Drug addiction is another hazard for the healthy growth of the fetus. Drugs may cause low bone density and faster heartbeat rate among fetus and may cause chronic diseases and odd social behavior in future. Alcoholism may cause harm to the unborn baby. Sometimes it may lead to miscarriages or birth of premature babies.

Sugary foods and junk food

Sugary foods and junk food may lead to the birth of premature babies. Sugary food and caffeine may cause harmful effect on the growth of unborn babies. When the mother consumes too much of junk food and caffeine, the infant’s brain development may fall into danger. Sugary food consumption may cause gestational diabetes and the baby may suffer obesity and early diabetes in some cases. Seafood may have reserves of mercury that causes lung diseases in kids. Consumption of junk food, canned food, and consumption of caffeine more than 200 gms a day may cause diabetes among kids at an early age. Taking unpasteurized milk and unwashed food may cause digestive ailments to mother and this causes low growth rate in unborn babies.

Sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle causes similar issues related to alcoholism.  Before pregnancy, switch to a healthy lifestyle because it improves your looks and helps your well being. Taking regular exercise helps well being of the baby and acts as a stress reliever for you. Exercise keeps you active and happy and reduces the risk of a backache. Taking regular exercise as suggested by the doctor prevents low bone density among infants. When you cultivate the habit of taking walk and regular exercise, you can be free from stress and can get enough amounts of Vitamin D and calcium that reduces the risk of baby blues after childbirth. Regular exercise for 30 minutes of walking, cycling, swimming or yoga can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and lack of hemoglobin among pregnant women. But excessive workouts are not suggestible if you are planning for a baby because it may increase the heartbeat rate and release of adrenaline.


Anxiety is another bad habit that impacts the well being of the baby. To come out of anxiety related diseases, women should consume a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and rejuvenating activities like decorating the house, gardening, and the hobbies of your choice prevent anxiety. Getting rid of anxiety is essential for a healthy and a happy baby.

To conclude, pregnancy is a phase of life every woman dreams of. If you can get rid of bad habits like alcohol, smoking, narcotics, and drugs, you can have a healthy and happy life besides rejuvenation of your mind and body.






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