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It is very important to exercise if you are an expectant mother. It not only makes you feel fit but also helps in making your delivery process easier and safer. Exercise also helps to keep an individual in good shape and it definitely helps the pregnancy process to proceed well. If you are working from the office, there are some easy and effective exercises that you can do easily when you are free.

 Exercises That Should Be Followed

 Given below is a list of exercises for pregnant women  that should be followed. 

  • Simple stretching is the basic form of exercises. One should always do a simple stretch before doing any other types of exercise. It helps in relaxing your muscles and prepares you for your labour. You can stretch your arms and legs in order to relax your muscles when you are sitting for a long period of time. 
  • After performing simple stretching exercises, one should focus on the upper part of the body that is the neck and shoulder. Neck and shoulder rotation is a great way of relaxing. First, place the head in a drooping motion. Now, rotate your head to one side and then again slowly rotate it to the centre and then again to another side. You have to relax your shoulders again and have to bring the shoulder in front in a dropping position. 
  • After following these two steps, focus on the lower part of the body. Leg extension is an excellent exercise for strengthening the muscles that are present in front of the thigh. For doing this exercise, take a chair and sit on it. The hips, toes, knees should be facing forward and the shoulder should be backed down. Keeping one leg at the same position, lift another leg up. After this, lift one knee to the height that is comfortable for you and keep the leg bent. Without locking the knee, now slowly straighten the leg. Repeat this step around seven to ten times. 
  • Now focus on the tummy muscles, it will help to prevent pelvic pain and back pain. Keep your feet on the floor. Tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor. Now, you have to gently squeeze your bottom and curl it under you. Hold it for around 6 seconds. Repeat it for around 8 times. 
  • Extend your legs by sitting on a chair. Use your foot and ankle to make big circles on the floor. This is an extremely beneficial exercise for your ankle. It can also be done with your leg. Sit on a chair and move your legs downwards and upwards in a shaking motion and that too slowly. It can be followed by standing crunches. Stand straight with your hands behind your head. Widen the position of your feet and bend the knees. Slowly pull your belly in by breathing out. Repeat this for around 3 times. 

When you are expecting a baby, it is obvious that you will go through muscle pains and sprains. Apart from maintaining your health, you can also ensure having high functionality by shopping for some baby carriers. Check out the amazing Mommy Cuddle here.

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