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Fair warning: this blog is not going to be a pretty read. But before diving into the big bad world of pregnancy symptoms, here is a drool-worthy lust-inducing image to uplift your endorphin levels.

Everyone always says about pregnancy being a magical thing. The opportunity to bring a new life to this earth, to feel a new human being grow inside of you is nothing short of a miraculous blessing. But like every coin has two sides, pregnancy also has side effects.

No no. I ain’t talking about morning sickness and nausea and swollen feet. Because everyone knows about those cute little pregnancy symptoms!

I am talking about the increased sex drive, the constipation, the heavy sweating!!!! Why did no one warn us that pregnancy can be a right pain?

At this point, we will happily choose a cure for our pregnancy side effects from hell than dancing with Ryan Gosling himself! And anyways, our pregnant body is not fit to go dancing.

All Day Sickness

Did someone say ‘Morning Sickness’? Ha bloody ha! This is the biggest lie of pregnancy ever told.

While all pregnant ladies go through morning sickness during the first trimester of their pregnancy, some not-so-lucky ones have to deal with nausea all day long! For whole nine months! Yes, I am completely serious.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – you cannot keep any food down. Whatever little you force yourself to eat; you end up vomiting an hour later. The dizziness and nausea permeates every waking minute of your day. Trust me ladies, morning sickness is a blessing!

No More Skinny Jeans

Tight clothing is a complete no-no during pregnancy months. Low-waist pants and on-the-navel trousers or leggings also have to be discontinued after the first trimester. Your body is slowly changing, and your old clothes can no longer fit your new body.

Mommy Cuddle is the best place to shop for maternity dresses online India. Find comfortable tank tops and over the belly maternity leggings to wear during your pregnancy. Flaunt the new curves that you have got. Go for stylish maternity dresses that are fashionable and comfy at the same time.

Burping and Passing Gas

Want to take part in a burping contest? You will probably win! During pregnancy, your body will feel bloated. Passing gas frequently is also quite normal.

Basically what happens is your body’s digestion process slows down to a snail’s pace. This ensures that the body absorbs every ounce of nutrition from the food it receives. At the same time, you are producing a higher percentage of progesterone. This hormone relaxes the smooth muscle tissue in your body; in effect, relaxing your gastrointestinal tract, which causes flatulence and burping. So yes, passing gas is going to become a common occurrence for you.


From sitting on the toilet to bending over the toilet, your morning routine takes a drastic turn during pregnancy. No matter how bloated you may feel, your number two business just won’t happen!  

Once again, give your thanks to the progesterone hormone. As the food moves slowly through your digestive tract, the extra nutrients get absorbed into your bloodstream. Pooping becomes a difficult task during these nine months.

Peeing while Sneezing or Laughing

Be prepared for extra trips to the restroom. The growing uterus puts pressure on your bladder, leaving you with a constant urge to pee.

In these nine months, you will pee on yourself. It will happen. As your muscles are relaxed, impromptu leakage of urine is common. A bit of involuntary pee comes out mostly while puking, laughing and sneezing.

#MommyCuddleTip 1: Wear panty liners or carry extra underwear with you.

#MommyCuddleTip 2: Pelvic floor exercises can help address this problem.

Urgent Need of New Lingerie

Pregnant or not, all women like shopping. So, most moms-to-be are pretty excited about shopping maternity dresses online India. But what no one tells you is that before buying any new dresses, you will need to shop for new underwear.

Your bra size changes during and after pregnancy. Your breasts become larger and your nipples grow in size. As a result, your old bras are now useless. Get ready to spend your hard-earned money into buying new bras (which will again become useless after you give birth).

Larger Feet

Everyone talked about the swollen feet, but no one warned you of the Big Foot syndrome? Your entire adult life, shoes have been one constant in your life. Through all the weight gains and fluctuating waist lines, your shoe size has remained the same. But a pregnancy can take away this one constant from your life too.

There have been many women whose feet became larger when they got pregnant. As your body muscles continue to relax during pregnancy, the ligaments in your feet loosen up, allowing the bones to separate a bit. This causes the feet to get wider, which remains permanent even after your delivery. But hey, at least you get new shoes right?

Orgasms While Sleeping

Now this is one effect we don’t mind! Thanks to the elevated estrogen in body during this period, pregnant women experience incredibly erotic dreams and increased lubrication in their lady bits. Hence, many women go through intense orgasms in their sleep during pregnancy. Sweet dreams, right?


You Can Taste Metal

Thanks to the hormonal changes, pregnancy can lead to changes in taste for many pregnant women. This is why most women feel an aversion towards eating food during this period, because nothing tastes right. Some women may go through a condition called dysgeusia which causes a distortion of your sense of taste. Any food you eat will taste like metal.



Yep, pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids – A Big Ouch! For those who don’t know, hemorrhoids are swollen veins around your anus which cause extreme pain and itching.


As your baby grows, the uterus gets bigger and begins to press against your pelvis. This puts a lot of pressure on the veins near your anus and rectum, making them swollen. It hurts like hell and makes your pregnancy more uncomfortable than it already is.

So in the end, pregnancy seems like a daunting experience. Yes of course, creating a new life is magical. But it can also be scary. Acknowledge the fear and embrace this amazing change. For rest of the support, Mommy Cuddle is here with their wide range of maternity wears – from the pregnancy time till your kid is 1 year old.

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